Jon Woods Committed to Washington County

Fiscal Conservative

Jon Woods has voted for a balanced budget every year in the state legislature and is proud of the fact that Arkansas is one of only six states that ran a surplus last year.


Jon Woods has worked to lower the tax burden on Arkansas families and small business and encourage job creation, investment, and economic development. He has also fought to make government more efficient. He signed a no tax pledge in 2006 and has not voted to raise taxes in his six years in the legislature.

Job Creation

The first thing that must happen for job creation is for the government to get out of the way. Letting the free market grow and prosper on its own accord is the best solution. Bailouts and stimulus don’t work and only put our nation further in debt. We must eliminate the state corporate income tax completely, eliminate the small business franchise fee and make creating a small business easier for anyone wanting to be an entrepreneur.

Illegal Immigration

Jon Woods welcomes legal immigrants who come to America to start a better life. But the fact is, Illegal immigration is…illegal. He opposes in state tuition to illegal immigrants. Jon Woods also opposes giving drivers licenses to those who are in the country illegally. He believes that illegal immigration is not just a federal issue, but also a state issue.


Education is crucial for Arkansas and should be controlled at the local level by those who know and have the best interest of students whose futures they help mold.


Northwest Arkansas has seen tremendous growth in the last twenty years. With population growth the demand for larger and more efficient roads follows. Northwest Arkansas in the last two decades has not received its fair share of state funds for our infrastructure needs. Jon Woods will continue to fight to make sure that the money follows the cars. Our growth must be cared for and nurtured not choked and neglected.

The 2nd Amendment

In 2010 Jon Woods received an A+ rating from the NRA and is a Life Member of the NRA. Jon Woods is also a concealed handgun carrier.


Those who have made possible the freedoms we enjoy deserve our utmost respect and support. Jon Woods supports our veterans and military personnel.

Sanctity of life

Jon Woods is unequivocally pro-life. The legal protection of the right to life of innocent human beings is the basic issue upon which all other issues of human rights and justice depend. It is the pivotal human rights issue today, because once we abandon the basic democratic principle of equality - that ALL human beings deserve the protection of the law no matter what their size, their age or their degree of dependency - then the rights of all of us are less secure.